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Phone: 0526-174-879

Phone: +972-526-174-879


Your factory will run like clockwork!

User-friendly software for production floor maintenance, logistics, project and quality management.

You choose the modules and we adopt it to your needs.

Project Management
תוכנת ניהול פרוייקטים ולקוחות

Project Management Module includes a client management system (CRM), sales, document attachments and reporting for management

Production Management
תוכנת ניהול ייצור, תוכנת ותפ"י

 Production Management Module includes process and BOM management, measurments and problems on the production floor


Maintenance Module takes care of scheduled maintenance, improvement of equipment performance and production costs

MC Mockup AHZAKA.png

Products and Services

We offer visual and user-friendly and cost-effective software modules for management of production floor. Our team is highly experienced in the field of production and manufacturing. Our knowledge allows us to implement tailor-maid solutions for each client and keep it low-cost. 
All of out solutions are build according to advanced production and manufacturing methodologies, like Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints and Six-Sigma.
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About Zorg Tech 

Zorg Tech was founded to bring top-level tools and techniques to any production site. We don't have long profile presentations and theoretical lectures, only result oriented work at the ground.

We offer live support with TeamViewer. It's safe, secure and can be done while you call for support.

So in case something is not working — we've got you covered!

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